Brian Passmore

My Background

I was born in Rochester, New York, one of seven children, and brother of Toby Passmore. I spent eight years in the U.S. Air Force as an Avionics technician and upon leaving the service, returned to upstate New York to raise my family. After working in the family bakery business and owning my own bakery business for a time, I decided my true love was the mechanical /manufacturing world, and went back to school. I subsequently began an apprenticeship, became a journeyman Mold Maker, and worked in the trade for almost twenty years. In 2005, the lure of the beautiful Arizona weather, and strong economy was too much, and we relocated to Chandler AZ. In 2009, Greenfield Dynamics was growing and needed a “hands on” field person. Toby and I came to the conclusion that my skills and attitude would be a perfect fit, so I joined the group as their start-up and warranty service-technician. It turned out to be a great decision and I’m truly happy here.

How I Make the Industry Better

I realized early on that most customers don’t expect perfection out of every piece of equipment they purchase.  The important thing is to take responsibility and provide a solution as quickly as possible. I pride myself in my patience, positive attitude and my willingness to take the extra time to get it right, because my job is very important. I enjoy seeing the relief on a customer’s face when I arrive and I know it’s because I have instilled faith in them on previous visits, whether it was the initial start-up, equipment training, or a warranty issue.