Jay Moredock

My Background

I grew up in Connecticut with 5 brothers and sisters in a lower middle-class family. I put myself through college painting houses and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BA in Political Science in 1992. I moved to Arizona in 1994 for a change of climate and to attend graduate school at ASU. In 1998, I received my Master’s degree. I chose my major with the intentions of “changing the world”, but I’ve since decided to settle for changing what I truly can, and for the better I hope. During and after attending ASU, I owned a successful construction and investment company until the real estate market collapsed in 2009. In 2011, I reached out to my long-time friends, Brad and Toby, and found a home here at Greenfield Dynamics. The rest is history.

How I Make the Industry Better

Throughout my tenure at Greenfield, I have realized that listening to what my customers want and need is the most important part of my job. Through hard work, dedication, and honesty, I can help our projects run as smoothly as possible. There is no doubt that problems will arise, but I always do my best to face them head on, and do everything I can to make things right.