Mike Piedimonte

My Background

I spent most of my childhood in Kansas City, although for four years my family and I lived in Iran. I graduated from the American High School in Tehran just before the Hostage Crisis, yet I have no transcripts because they were literally blown to pieces – my records were in the American Embassy when it was overrun, never to be seen again. A shame, because I am a straight-A student without proof. After years of production management, I went back to school to study Computer Information Systems and graduated Summa Cum Laude from DeVry University. I have also studied architecture for five years, managed commercial construction sites, and even owned a mortgage company. I guess you can say that the construction industry has always been a great fit for me. I am proud to have found a home in sales and estimating at Greenfield Dynamics.

How I Make the Industry Better

I am constantly working to improve my performance through knowledge and productivity. I learn from each experience I’ve had and use that knowledge to increase my effectiveness moving forward. I am very thorough and meticulous, and it is important that my customers know I am dedicated to helping them, no matter the situation.