Toby Passmore

My Background

I was born and raised in upstate New York, one of seven children. My father and grandfather owned several businesses and being a 3rd generation pastry-chef, I made my way to Arizona in 1992 and opened a bakery in Sunnyslope, AZ. I decided to try something different in 1995, and jumped head first into the construction industry. I have owned several construction companies since, from finish work to property investment. In 2007, I was approached by Brad Bruckner with the concept of Greenfield Dynamics, and it was here I found a true home for my talents as a business owner. I eventually fell in love with our industry and the years I’ve spent here have been the happiest, most satisfying of my life.

How I Make the Industry Better

I’m defiant, old-fashioned and sentimental, and I’ve been around retail businesses since I could crawl. As a result, exceptional customer service is my top priority. I’m sickened by greed, and therefore, my customers and my team always come before me. I never accept the norm, and I always look for something better in everything. When I realize I (we) have made a mistake, I own it and try to correct it immediately. I always try to be fair and my principles are most important to me. I constantly try to make our industry fun.